Garage Door Problems

My first Garage Repair Session

The first time my garage door broke down, I was really clueless as to what to do, but Garage Door Repairs came to my rescue and solved my garage door problem in a matter of hours.

My Garage Door spring has been worn out for a few months now, but since I was a little busy at work, did not find time to get it checked by a technician. This Sunday, I woke up to a loud noise, but could not identify the source. It wasn’t until later, as I was entering the garage that I found the broken springs all over the garage floor. The door did not open and so my neighbour and I opened up the door manually. I decided to call on a Garage Door Repair Service to make the necessary repairs and my neighbour recommended the Garage Door Repair company he calls upon for professional Garage Repairs.

I called them up immediately and was greeted by a polite person who listened to my problem and assured that a technician will soon call upon me to check what the problem was. Sure enough, within 30 minutes a fully equipped technician came knocking on my door. He assured me that broken springs are one of the common garage door issues and garage door springs break more often now that it is getting colder outside. He made a thorough inspection of the damage and informed me that I had an Extension spring and advised to change both springs since the other one is worn out too. I agreed and he set off to work.

It took about an hour for him to finish the work and when he finished the garage door I found that the garage door was again working perfectly. He then proceeded to educate me on garage door safety and maintenance. I learnt a lot of things about garage doors that day and employing all of his tips has helped me keep my garage door in top working condition. One thing that caught my attention about Garage Door Repair is that they were very flexible with the costs and were ready to accommodate within my budget.

I really liked the fast response and the professional way they handled the whole matter. Garage Door Repairs is my first choice for any Garage Door related issues.

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